Kristina Hunter

Welcome. If you are seeking guidance, insight or support for your life’s journey, I offer intuitive counseling and healing consultations to empower you on your path. I bring a medicine bag of diverse tools and modalities to my work, meeting you where you are at the moment.

I work with people who feel stuck and need help moving forward in their human healing and learning process. I also work with people who are moving along, yet seek deeper self-knowing and expansion. I welcome people who are actively working with physical challenges or dis-ease and seek integrative support or wish to expand their view of their situation.

Our Work Together

I serve as a bridge between worlds. I meet you here on the earthly, personal plane and open the channel to the transpersonal realm where guidance, wisdom, creativity, and love reside in abundance. As a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, I guide you into your own body, heart, and mind, unwinding stuck memories and emotions, and teaching you how to meet your present moment experience with attentive compassion.

If you are navigating a complicated health issue, I help you gather the resources you need toward a comprehensive and integrative healing approach. Once your practical foundation is in place, I help you explore the subtler dimensions of your condition.

I offer a restorative space of attuned presence, but it is your unique intelligence and situation that guides our time together. My work draws from Buddhist contemplative practices, shamanic ritual, Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic work, energy healing, divination and expressive arts.


My Story

Sage and Shell

I have an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz and am currently obtaining my master’s degree in counseling. I have spent over ten years in close apprenticeship with masterful healers and teachers throughout the Americas. Under their guidance, I have trained in earth-based ritual arts and healing with herbs and plant-spirit medicine. I am a student and practitioner in the tradition of Mazatec curanderismo, under the guidance and supervision of Francoise Bourzat.

My work also draws on over 20 years as a student of vajrayana meditation and the buddha-dharma which has included teachings, personal practice, and retreat. My studies eventually brought me to the Hakomi Institute where I trained in the elegant art of mindfulness-based somatic inquiry. In addition, I have studied energy healing and divinatory and expressive arts.

After years of immersing myself in the wisdom traditions of the east and the indigenous healing traditions of the south, I was initiated into my healing work when I received an advanced cancer diagnosis in my late 20’s. The experience of treatment and recovery intensified my commitment to transformation and awakening. Thanks to the compassion of my healers and teachers and an indomitable spirit, I regained my health. I am blessed with the opportunity to share the healing tools I have gathered with others.

I offer 75-minute sessions at my office in Berkeley, California as well as by phone.

Schedule a Session

Please contact me for a 20 minute phone call to see if working together might be a fit, to schedule a session and to discuss fees.

A 48-hour cancelation notice is required.  The full fee is charged if appointment is missed.

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