Kristina Hunter

If you are curious how somatic awareness practices and earth based ritual arts can expand your experience of being human, it is my joy to support your inquiry. My area of speciality is people working with active health challenges and physical symptoms.

Additionally, for those dealing with active health challenges, I offer mentorship as you navigate the vast arena of integrative healing modalities.  I support you as you craft a you discern a personalized path that fits your life and resources.

Our Work Together

As a Certified Hakomi Practitioner I teach you how to meet your present moment experience with attentive compassion. Through the art of mindful self-study, I give you the tools to experience an embodied vitality that is available in the here and now.  I offer the healing space of attuned presence, but it is your own somatic intelligence that guides your experience. Through contemplative practices, meditation, writing, art, and ritual we weave your present moment discoveries into your life as a whole.

If you are navigating a serious health issue, I consult and educate, sharing practical resources toward a comprehensive integrative approach. I empower you to deeply engage with your personal healing journey as well as seek out the practitioners and support you need to recover.


My Story

Sage and Shell

After years of studying indigenous healing traditions, my own initiation came as an advanced cancer diagnosis in 2011. Confronting the impermanence of my body and identity impacted every aspect of life as I had known it. I embarked upon a long path of transformation and recovery, supported by masterful healers and guides.

I have an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz. My training draws on years of Buddhist contemplative practice and retreat along with over ten years of apprenticeship with masterful healers and teachers throughout the Americas. Under their guidance I have trained in earth based ritual arts and healing with herbs and plant-spirit medicine. My studies then brought me to the Hakomi Institute where I was trained in the elegant art of mindfulness based somatic inquiry.

I offer 75-minute sessions at my office in Berkeley, California as well as by Skype.

Schedule a Session

Please contact me for a 20 minute phone call to see if working together might be a fit, to schedule a session and to discuss fees.

A 48-hour cancelation notice is required.  The full fee is charged if appointment is missed.

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