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Sage and Shell

I have spent over twelve years apprenticing with masterful healers and teachers throughout the Americas. Under their guidance, I have trained in earth-based ritual arts and healing with herbs and plant-spirit medicine. I am a student and practitioner in the tradition of Mazatec curanderismo, under the guidance and supervision of Francoise Bourzat.

My work also draws on 22 years as a student of Buddhist meditation and Taoism which has included teachings, personal practice, and retreat. My passions came together through my training at the Hakomi Institute where I trained in the elegant art of mindfulness-based somatic inquiry. In addition, I bring training in energy healing, divination, and expressive arts.

After years of immersing myself in the wisdom traditions of the east and the indigenous healing traditions of the south, I was initiated into my own work through a healing crisis in my late 20’s. The experience of treatment and recovery intensified my commitment to the path of healing and awakening. Thanks to the compassion of my teachers and mentors and waves of grace,  I regained my health. I am fortunate to have  the opportunity to share the healing tools I have gathered with others.

I live in Marin where I eat lots of vegetables, practice qi gong every day, hike in the hills, and enjoy time with my community.

I offer hourlong sessions at my office in Marin as well as by phone and zoom.

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