Our Work Together

As a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, I offer integrative counseling sessions in which I meet each client where they are in the moment. I assist clients on their journey into the deeper realms of their body, heart, and mind – to unwind stuck memories and emotions – and to strengthen innate resources. I offer a restorative space of attuned presence, but it is each client’s unique situation and innate intelligence that guides our time together.

I offer specific preparation and integration sessions for clients exploring healing through expanded states of consciousness and occasionally facilitate group retreats. My work draws from Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic inquiry, Buddhist contemplative practices, earth-based shamanic ritual, Taoist practices of energy cultivation, and expressive arts.

I also offer mentorship and consultation to therapists, healing practitioners, and facilitators who wish to learn how to weave expanded states of consciousness into their work with clients. For practitioners already facilitating expanded state experiences, I offer consultation on the specificities of preparation and integration.

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